Google Chrome Application for Browsing the internet

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimalist design with advanced technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

This computer software has the advantage of speed and attractive appearance. Behind its minimalist and simple appearance, Google Chrome has a myriad of features that are equivalent to other modern web browsers aka browser applications. You can find features such as multitab, bookmarks, and additional functionality via extensions.

This application is also integrated with several Google services, such as the automatic web page translation feature including Indonesian and Google search.

Google Chrome Features & Pros:

  • 1. One browser for everything
Type in the address bar and you will get suggestions for searches and web pages.
  • 2. Faster and more accessible
Access your favorite pages with significant speed from each new tab.
  • 3. Incognito mode
Don't want the pages you visit to appear in your web history / history? Choosing incognito mode for Private Browsing mode or in other languages ​​in mozilla firefox is private browsing.
  • 4. Safe browsing

This browser will warn you if you are going to visit a web that is suspected of containing phishing, malware or similar sites that are not safe according to Google.

To keep its users safe, Chrome regularly downloads the latest files containing a list of phishing sites and malware. With this feature, the Chrome browser will give a warning when a user accesses a potentially dangerous site on the internet.

Chrome is also armed with a master password feature that functions to protect passwords stored in the application. For example, marketplace passwords (tokopedia / shopee / Bukalapak), internet banking, social networking accounts, email and other online-based services.

Automatic Update is one of the important things for every application, including web browser application, which is an update or update. The Google Chrome browser has an automatic update feature that keeps it up to date so that it is more secure and stable to use in browsing in cyberspace.

WINDOWS [32-bit]
WINDOWS [64-bit]

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