Guidelines for Choosing an Online Store Name

1. Come up with a quick and simple shop name

A fast and simple online store name will make it easier for consumers to remember your store. It takes an innovative approach so that your online store name is different and unique from other stores. Here are a number of possible approaches you can take.

Use keywords that match the products you sell. This means that the name of your online shop can immediately describe the products you are selling. Example: JuraganKolor, Chicken Expert, or Online Vegetable Bakoel.

Look for names that have a rhythm. A name that has a rhythm is likely to be easily remembered by potential customers. Example: Ball of Yarn. Use an optimal minimum of 3 words.

2. Match your online store name with your target market

The name of the online store that fits the target market will be useful in attracting the right potential customers. Suppose you want to open a cosmetic online shop targeting women aged 20 years and over. Of course, you have to find the name of the online store that fits that target market so that it is better known.

3. Use a store name that has a meaning

In order to grab the attention of potential consumers, you can use the name of an online store that has the same meaning as your store's branding. You can choose an online shop name that describes the shop's identity or motto that you trust. You can use the following approaches.

The name of an online shop is based on the name of the shop owner, similar to examples of Gudeg Yu Djum, Sambal Bu Rudy, or Batik Danar Hadi.

An online store name based on your online store's motto, such as Ideku Handmade, or Burgreens Healthy Food.

The online store name follows the name of the off line shop if your off line shop already has good branding, such as Tuku Coffee Shop, Rabbani Official, or Levi's Official.

4. Avoid using foreign meanings, abbreviations, and symbols that are difficult to understand

When choosing an online store name, stay away from using foreign meanings, abbreviations, or using symbols that only some groups can understand. The point is not to narrow down the target market for your shop.

5. Looking for online shop name ideas on a crawler engine

When determining the name of an online store, of course we don't want our shop name to be the same as someone's shop. Therefore, you need to do a search on a crawler engine. You can find ideas for several online store names that match the product you are selling. And, if you have a choice of name, check the name on a crawler to make sure no online shop uses that name

The good thing is, you should look for the store name when the inspiration for the product or service is neatly organized. This is because the shop's identity must describe the idea and service or core product. Here are some ways to make a name for yourself:

1. Get vocabulary related to your product

Look at a list of the products or services your business is marketing to. Use a dictionary to make a vocabulary list that describes the product or service, whether in Indonesian, English, or even regional languages ​​or other foreign languages. You can make this list a tutorial to find a combination of drag.

2. Think about your particular loyal customer

The demographics and dispositions of loyal consumers will determine your communication style and promo. The same is true when assigning names.

Will you come up with a mix of names that are cute, trendy, legit, or feminine and charming? All depends on the product marketing target.


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