How To Create A Routine For Your Cat So You Can Take Care Of Her To The Most

Kittens need small, frequent meals.

You definitely want your little one to quickly adapt to his new home and see him happy. Help him by creating daily habits, so that you can take care of your little one to the maximum. Here are some tips from Whiskas so that he can adopt some good habits:

1. Toileting

Your kitten likes to keep itself clean and tidy, this trait is the very nature of kittens. One way to help is to place the container for defecating in a separate place away from food and drink. Show him where the toilet is so he quickly learns how to use the cat toilet properly.

2. Eating time

A nutritionally complete and balanced meal - such as WHISKAS® Kitten - will provide the protein and nutrients you need. Kittens need small, frequent meals. When he gets older you can feed them twice a day. The kitten will get used to your set meal times and hopes that you will always be on time - so don't disappoint!

3. Playing Time

Did you know that kittens are always looking for their prey? There is no better way to hone his hunting instincts through playing together. Try playing for 10-15 minutes every day - especially if he lives indoors. Choose a toy that is smaller so he can enjoy it for hunting.

4. Time to Spoil Ria

Likewise, when your kitten remembers meal times, it will also know the right time to pamper you. It's up to you, whether you choose to pet him in the morning or at night when you come home from work, make sure you give him his attention at the right time.

5. Sleeping time

Your kitten will choose for herself where to sleep - perhaps on the blanket on her bed, although there is a chance she might prefer to sleep on top of your old sweater! When your kitten is comfortable in its place, don't try to disturb it.


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