Tips for Choosing a Suitable Domain Name for a Business Website

In your opinion, how much influence does a domain name have on the success of a business? Well, unexpectedly, there are companies out there that don't pay much attention to domain names. However, we suggest that you shouldn't do this.

Domain names are quite influential on the smooth running of the business. If you use a random domain name, chances are that your business will go unnoticed by potential customers. Therefore, it is important to determine a suitable domain name for your business website.

In this article, we have summarized some tips for choosing a suitable domain name for business people like you.


Tips for Choosing a Suitable Domain Name for a Business Website

Here are some tips for choosing a suitable domain name for a business website.

Create a Short and Unique Name

Before creating a website, create a short and unique domain name. You can use your brand name or insert relevant keywords. Because, a short and unique domain will make it easier for people to remember your website. In addition, embedding keywords in domain names makes your website easier to find on search engines.

As a suggestion, avoid using domain names that contain more than three words. For example: Surely, the domain name is quite difficult to read and remember, right?

Make sure the Domain Name is Easy to Type

Apart from being unique, the domain name should also be easy to type. If a potential visitor mistypes - even if only one letter - they will not find your website. It could be that they are instead focused on another company's website.

Therefore, think carefully about the domain name you want to use. To check if the domain is easy enough to type in, try pronouncing it. Also ask other people's opinions about the domain you choose.


Use the Appropriate Extension

There are many domain extensions you can use. Such as .CO, .TECH, .STORE, and many more. Importantly, remember that you have to choose the extension that best suits your business website.

Typically, companies use .COM and .ID domains. However, you can also get creative by using other unique extensions. For example, if your business is in the culinary field, you could use the .KITCHEN domain.


Make sure the domain name has not been used by another party

After you find a suitable domain name, first check whether the domain name has been used by another party or not. Also make sure that no company is using a domain name that is too similar to your choice.


Have a Quality Business Website

At this point, you have understood some tips on choosing a suitable domain name for a business website. That means, you already have enough insight to have a quality business website. That way, the next step that needs to be done is to create a business website through cheap and high-quality web hosting


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