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Transportation is important for those of you who have to move to places far from home. Especially the means of transportation are needed for people who live in big cities, such as in Jakarta. Even though public transportation in Jakarta is getting better, owning a private vehicle is something that is also needed for ease of doing activities.

When you have a vehicle, you will definitely maintain the condition of your vehicle so that it is always good and fit for use. One form of protection that you can do is through motor vehicle insurance. This insurance product covers any loss or damage to your motorbike or car. Is this insurance important? Yes! This is the reason.

Reasons for the Importance of Vehicle Insurance

1. Protect against the risk of vehicle theft

The purchase price of a motorized vehicle is not cheap, so it is certain that you will really keep your vehicle safe and remain yours. But disaster can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Even though you have guarded it in such a way, the risk of vehicle theft is always there. So, what you can do to protect your vehicle from the risk of theft is vehicle insurance. If your vehicle is stolen, the insurance company will give you an amount in accordance with the terms of the insurance company.

2. Protects from the risk of vehicle damage

Sometimes, even though you have been very careful when driving your vehicle, there can still be accidents, be they minor or major accidents. No matter how small the impact of the accident, the cost of making it back to its original state requires a lot of money. However, with vehicle insurance, these costs will be cheaper than the market price.

3. Helping You Responsible To Third Parties

When there is an accident involving a third party, usually you will have difficulty dealing with it and need a large amount of money to give responsibility for it. You will need both legal and professional fees. If you have motor vehicle insurance, the insurer will take over responsibility for you or your driver in the event of an accident. So you don't have to bother and pay dearly to be responsible.

How Much is the Premium Fee?

You can feel all the benefits of this motor vehicle insurance as long as you are willing to pay the premiums to the insurance company. The amount of premium that you pay is based on several considerations, namely:

1. Types and prices of vehicles

The first thing to consider before determining the cost of a vehicle insurance premium is the type of your vehicle. Types of vehicles are generally divided into 3 types, namely non-bus and non-truck vehicles, buses and trucks, and two-wheeled vehicles. This distribution based on vehicle type applies to Total Loss Only (TLO) and All risk insurance products.

After completing categorizing the type of vehicle, the price of the vehicle is also a consideration before finally the cost of your insurance premium is determined. Vehicle prices are also categorized into several categories. The more expensive your vehicle is, the more expensive the premium you will have to pay.

2. The area of ​​coverage

After considering the type and price of the vehicle, the area of ​​coverage is the next consideration. The coverage area is divided into 3 parts,
namely region 1, Region 2, and region 3 covering areas that are not covered in regions 1 and 2. These considerations also apply to TLO and All Risk products.

All Risk products.

3. Vehicle Age

The last thing that is taken into account in determining the premium price is the age of your vehicle when you enter the insurance. The facilities and insurance rules also vary depending on each insurance company. The older your vehicle is, usually the premium price will be more expensive. Such as the rules set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), namely there is an additional 5% per year for every vehicle that is over 5 years old and only applies to the All Risk type of insurance .

Come on, Register Your Vehicle Immediately
Safeguarding your vehicle is important because it affects the safety of your soul, your finances, and also of others. It would be better if you register your vehicle for vehicle insurance when you first have the vehicle because besides being cheaper, this will also minimize the losses that may occur to you and your vehicle. Come on, register your vehicle immediately so that it is always protected.


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