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The digital era as it is today has an impact on the world of marketing. If in the past many companies competed to place advertisements in newspapers, television, and roadside billboards, now the media has begun to be sidelined a little.

The cost is quite expensive to be one of the reasons, maybe for most large companies with large advertising budgets as well. This media is still widely used, but for those of you who are still in the medium-sized business category, there is nothing wrong with implementing a new marketing strategy using email blasts. There are several advantages if you use the email blast method for marketing your products, namely:

  • More Economical
  • Audience on Target
  • Measurable
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to spread

It turns out that at this time there are still many business people who do not understand how to marketing through email marketing. This is due to lack of information or simply not wanting to apply it. Indeed, in marketing using email blasts there are several things that need to be considered. The goal is to have high sales conversions so that you can increase your business turnover. Here we provide some tips for those of you who want to use email blasts to market your products.

Start With Why

Why should email readers open and read our emails? Why was this email sent? Why does this product exist? Why is this solution important? Why should you buy this product? Before getting to the heart of the message, our email must be able to touch the most powerful driving factor in the human mind, namely: why?

Our email only has a few seconds to grab the reader's attention when it arrives on their smartphone or laptop. So make a strong excuse statement so that your email is opened by the respondent.

Write Email To Scan

The majority of people will not read our email text. They will usually only look for the important parts where they have to act. For that, make an email that is easy to scan by:

  • use short paragraphs
  • use bold letters in key words
  • use pictures to explain difficult things.

Using Active

Sentence Passive voice will destroy the chances of our email becoming more like chat. As much as possible, always use the active voice. Examples like this, instead of using the phrase "this business is run", it is better to use "you are running this business". With the use of active voice as if to invite email recipients to interact with you.

Email writing style should be like you are telling a story. Like we are telling the story with the person in front of us while having lunch together. Stories will more easily enter into the subconscious and affect emotions.

Avoid Jargon

As much as possible avoid jargon-jargon in our field of business. What's more if the terms are in foreign languages. Use alternative words that are more general for the public to understand. If forced to use jargon or specific terms, first explain in detail, using analogies and examples as much as possible. Do not let you write sentences that may not be understood by the public.

Attractive Email Design

In general, more people are attracted to something that is visually appealing. So even in running an email blast, we have to prepare an attractive email design. It doesn't have to be colorful, but make it simple and attractive so that it inspires other people to open it. It's better for you to prepare a design that fits your target audience for your product to match the design of the email you send.

10 Tips for Successful Selling via Email

All smartphone owners have email. Even registering on social media applications and the like requires an email address. Obviously, email marketing is one marketing channel that should be reckoned with.

However, of course the content of the email you engage needs to be created. Here are 10 tips for successful sales and marketing with bulk email.

1. Creating Topics

Before sending an email, you should first determine what topics will be conveyed to your email subscribers. The determination of the topic should be in accordance with research, always be a topic that is fresh and up to date when sent to customers.
2. Maintain 90/10 The

content of the e-mail should not be about you or your product, but about the reader. Write helpful emails that solve problems your customers are facing.

Keep your e-mail content 90% positive and educational, and only 10% contains information about your products and services.
3. Create a Themes that Engage

Find fresh ideas as the body of the email that your subscribers will love, so that your email will not feel boring. This can increase customer engagement with your email.

Make your subscribers want to read the body of your email and even click on the link that you insert in the body of the email. Offer attractive incentives and grab their attention.
4. Prioritize CTAs.

Focus on your main goal when doing email marketing, namely for customers to make transactions. Transactions will get closer to being obtained when the customer has made a CTA (Call to Action), which is an action to click on the transaction link, as well as the action of contacting you to ask further questions and even make transactions.

Choose which content you hope will get more attention from your customers, then you can offer other offers to your customers.

5. Be concise and to the point. The lengthy

content of your email will only make your subscribers close your email. In fact, the purpose of this email marketing is for customers to click on the link that you have embedded. So, write the contents of the email that is short and on point. Customers will find it easier to understand and can immediately make decisions.

6. Use Proper Alt Text

Sometimes, images that you put in email, do not appear in email subscribers. One reason is because your customer's device is unable to display the image. In this condition, Alt Text will appear when the image doesn't prompt your customer to click the embedded link.

7. Easy Unsubscribe

Make it easy for your subscribers to find the unsubscribe link when they don't want to subscribe to your email. This will actually make it easier for you to keep customers who are active and engaged in your emails, and keep your emails from being marked as spam.
8. Don't Spam

Don't create the impression of spamming. Make the email you send more personal, by mentioning your name and natural email address, not like a robot. Also mention your customer's name personally.

9. Create a Photo Connection

When you send a photo in the body of the email, make sure the photo appears to describe the content or information you are conveying. In this way, photos will be more connected to customers, and can increase engagement from an email.

10. Test Before Send

Test your email before sending, especially testing your handheld device. Ensure that all links are turned on, photos appear, sender information matches and lists of emails to be sent match. Things like this help you keep your subscriber list healthy.

Right now, it's just waiting for you to try to run some of the tips above to promote your product via email blast. May be useful!
Question and answer

What business sectors are suitable for using email marketing?

Based on our experience, there are quite a lot of B2B business sectors that use email marketing as the main marketing model because it is more targeted. The problem is only in the email database that you have is suitable or not with the product / service you are going to offer.

Where can I get my prospect email database from?

Currently, user privacy safeguards are very strict (GDPR ed.). Therefore, to get email prospects, you usually have to build your own email database which is usually called list building. List building can be done via a landing page, ebook sales, or a contact form on your company's website.

What platform should I use for this email blast?

There are lots of email marketing platforms that are quite powerful, among the ones we have used for local providers are send email with a full premium account model, or the free version is mailchimp with a freemium model.

Every time I send an email blast, my email is always spam.

The language and the words you use in your e-mails should be taken care of. Email entry into spam could be due to the sender's domain being blacklisted, an insecure mail server, or the language in the email that is suspicious.


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