Losses do not immediately conduct a trademark check


Do you know what you lose when you are late in registering a brand? By registering the brand as fast as possible, therefore, your brand check cannot be abused by someone. Brand checks can be intangible assets at high selling prices.

But unfortunately the benefits of brand registration are not recognized by several business actors, so that many business actors do not register their brands. Such as business actors operating in the gift sector by regional characteristics. Even though the typical regional souvenirs generally have many customers, which causes the emergence of competitors in the same section. With the increasing number of competitors, it is certain that business people must register their brands as soon as possible.

So that, it cannot be used by competitors to take the identity or brand of the brand owner. If you are late in registering the mark and the ones registering sooner are competitors, therefore the original owner of the brand only has three options, as follows:

Rebranding or changing existing brands / brands Business actors generally tend to choose to do rebranding or do brand / brand changes. It is certain that the rebranding process will not always run smoothly. The branding process itself is not just making symbols, naming, or limited to printing on circulars or flyers, banners and packages listed on the web. Branding begins when the customer first sees, buys, hears, and feels the product being marketed. Of course there is still budget to be spent on promoting and propagating the brand / brand.

Buy the trademark registered by the competitor. If the owner initially checks the mark, he wants to buy the brand, therefore the price is confirmed by the businessman who registered the brand. Still uses the original brand, but pays royalties to competitors who register the mark.

Just like buying a brand, the royalty price is ascertained by the businessman who registers the brand. Up to the 3 options caused the loss to the original owner of the brand because the original owner of the brand had to spend more. You certainly don't want it because you just don't register a brand you have to spend an excessive amount of budget. Get better as soon as you do brand registration before the brand you have is registered by your business competitors.

"Vagueness or inadvertence is not factual to justify wearing a brand check similar to someone's." Brand is an important component of a product for promotional purposes and as a signal of comparison. Most importantly, in the brand attaches economic rights to its owner. This makes business people compete to register their brand. Through this registration, a certificate will be given as evidence if the registered Mark has legal protection. Ownership of a Mark certificate can be the basis for filing legal proceedings, either civil charges or criminal reports against some people who use a mark without the permission of the Mark owner.

However, what often becomes a problem is the uncertainty of some business people regarding the suitability of their Trademarks, whether done intentionally or unintentionally. the Right to a Mark is a "limited right granted by the state to the owner of a registered Mark for a specific period of time by using the Mark himself or give permission to the other party to use it. "

Citizen awareness about trademark registration has increased. This shows that business actors are increasingly aware of the importance of brand registration for their products. By registering a brand the brand owner can use his brand in a limited manner. Aware of the primacy of brands for business actors, DGIP has also facilitated the trademark registration process. The current trademark registration process can be done online through the Intellectual Property program.

But unfortunately, there are still business actors who make mistakes regarding trademark registration. As a result, many requests for trademark registration are rejected or the brand cannot be registered by the DGIP, and even mistakes can result in the business being rebranded from the beginning.


So happy to be able to change something and make it cooler than the original

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