Best Password Manager - Password Managers 2022


Most people use weak and easy-to-guess passwords and reuse them on various websites.

Today, in this lesson, we present to you the solution to the problem, which is the Password Manager, which stores the login information for all the websites you use and enables you to log in to them automatically. The Password Manager encrypts the password base with a password, which is the only one to be saved.

Since the password manager offers you to save the registration information, use hard-to-guess words eg ASF@6521XFVKFMLFVJSJVS or let Password Manager suggest them for you.

Also, most browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, have a Password Manager, but it is not as efficient as it does not encrypt the password database with a password.

Now we will discuss the best Password Managers :


This program allows you to save passwords automatically, log in to saved sites automatically, and suggest strong and difficult passwords to guess.


This program is not different from the one before it, as it provides the feature of security checking and searching for wrong or duplicate passwords. The program is free, and there are also packages for individuals and families.

You can download the program from the official website.


Dashlane is one of the most popular options with similar features, offering a free subscription, using the program for one device, and saving only 50 passwords. Paid subscriptions allow an unlimited number of passwords or devices.

Here, my friends, we have finished our topic for today. I hope that I have helped you in the safety of God.