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Support and Asbestos Compensation Payouts for Sufferers of Asbestos Diseases
We can help you with asbestos claims compensation
Sufferers of asbestos-related disease or cancer as a result of asbestos exposure can claim compensation with the help of Arnold Thomas & Becker.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those whose health has been affected by the harmful effects of asbestos. We treat these cases with a level of priority, which is why a senior partner personal injury lawyer with years of experience will handle your case to ensure proper financial restoration is attained.

With our support, you can relieve some of the financial burdens of your situation, allowing you time to focus on your health. Our team will ensure the least amount of time is taken from your day and can visit whichever location you require to ensure your focus remains on wellbeing and recovery.

Which asbestos compensation payouts could you be entitled to?
The financial compensation our asbestos personal injury lawyer could obtain allows you more time to focus on your health.

If you suffer the following respiratory diseases, you may be eligible for asbestos compensation;

* Mesothelioma
* Lung cancer
* Asbestosis or asbestos-related pleural diseases

It is important to note you are eligible regardless of;

* Whether or not you are a smoker
* Whether you are currently employed in the role or with the business that led to the exposure
* If you were/are a self-employed/contractor
* If you were not exposed at work, rather while performing home renovations

The law dictates that you may be eligible for an asbestos compensation claim for any of the following that have resulted due to asbestos exposure;

* Pain
* Shortened life expectancy
* Medical expenses
* Loss of wages

Silicosis Claims and Payouts
Silicosis is a form of lung disease that is caused by breathing in particles of silica – a mineral found in many types of rocks.

Silicosis was more common in Australia in the 1940s to 1960s, particularly in construction and demolition workers. Growing awareness of the disease and the importance of reducing exposure to dust – for instance, wearing masks at work, wetting the dust and other safe work practices, helped to reduce the number of cases.

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